For as long as I remember, I’ve loved putting outfits together, it’s just something I enjoy. I always had a keen eye on trends and using ordinary pieces in an inordinate way to create a great looking en-sample.

I started wearing the Hijab and I went through this phase where my creativity in style and clothing came to a halt. This was due to so many conflicting opinions and theories of ‘the right way to dress’, all of the sudden everyone had opinions on what I should or shouldn’t wear.

I’ve come to realize that Hijab and style are not in conflict. On the contrary, when one creates their unique outfit weather they wear Hijab or not, one feels a sense of pride and ownership of their appearance. Therefore, I believe if you incorporate your own unique style into your wardrobe, you’re more likely to embrace and enjoy your Hijab experience.

Here, I will follow the latest fashion trends and create outfits that explore these trends. These ideas are meant to spark an inspiration. You can add your personal touch by changing some of the pieces or adding new ones. I hope you find this blog useful and even if you don’t – I’m glad you came


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20 08 2009

This is by far the best blog that i ever visit!

20 08 2009


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